Our Sponsors

At the heart of who we are as athletes, we are relational. We love to represent companies we are passionate about and can partner with from their product to their vision. We feel lucky to have these companies and brands behind what we do! And, check them out; we think they're awesome. Thanks for helping support and fuel our goals and dreams.



From helping us run fast to making the comfiest running clothes, we love rabbit. We follow the motto "look good, feel good"...this is what rabbit helps us do! Plus, they're right in our backyard. We feel lucky to represent a company we believe in. 


Altra keeps my feet happy and my body healthy. Shoes are so important to what we do! My favorite trainer is the Altra Escalante and soon I'll be racing the new marathoning shoe: the Boston Escalante Racer. -Lauren


Sacramento Running Association

I am from the Sacramento area and have represented SRA for a number of years and after Seth & I tied the knot, SRA adopted Seth. With their support, we were able to set the American Record in the fastest aggregate couple's time in the USATF Marathon Championships at CIM in 2018. From helping with travel to financial support, SRA is a huge part of Team Totten. They also host some of the favorite races of the year from SacTown 10 Miler to CIM. - Lauren


Delicious gluten free sourdough bread company out of San Francisco, CA that has supported and fueled me to all of her marathons. Seth enjoys daily avocado toast on Bread SRSLY! Check them out! -Lauren

Single Speed Coffee Roaster


A small batch roaster out of Flagstaff, AZ, their approach to sipping slow and riding or running fast, fits right with our vision. Coffee is one of our favorite training tools and Single Speed Coffee gets us going every morning. Since biking is how I cross train, my goal is to run and ride fast. - Seth